Eco Decontamination Systems are proud to use and distribute Apple Environmental Meth Remover® products.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover® is a formulated aqueous alkaline solution aiding in the decontamination process for the physical removal of meth contamination.

Whether the property is contaminated through meth production or use, this specially developed detergent used with standard practices enhances the decontamination process.

We conducted extensive research and decided that Apple Environmental’s environmentally friendly product was the best-suited application within New Zealand. Previously, the only way to remove meth contamination from the property was to completely strip the internal linings of a home. This was a very costly process. Apple products allow us to enter a property and decontaminate all hard and non-porous materials without the need to demolish parts of the home.

Hill Laboratories and E.S.R. have tested and confirmed Meth Remover® and our cleaning methodology comply with the NZ Standard for Testing and Decontamination of meth-contaminated Properties (NZS8510:2017).

Apple Environmental Meth Remover® cannot clean any porous materials such as carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings.

Meth labs and the epidemic of meth use, are spreading across New Zealand contaminating thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of homes. Let us help create a healthy living environment once again.

Contact us today to find out more about our product, Apple Environmental Meth Remover, and the processes we have used to successfully decontaminate hundreds of homes.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover® Two part solutions

Tough on meth! Easy on the environment!

One of our specialized teams working on a contaminated property.

Are you concerned about an asset, property or vehicle which is potentially contaminated by meth?

Start with our Instant Meth Testing Kit!

Eco Decontamination Systems a trusted source for all of your meth remediation needs, is excited to offer Instant Meth Testing Kits. These kits use the latest technology to avoid false positives/negatives and cannot be fooled by common household cleaners like Spray & Wipe or bleach. Our easy, simple to use & highly effective kits can help determine whether the property or vehicle you are looking at has been contaminated with methamphetamine.

Property Owners:
According to a recent study, when asked if investors felt meth contamination in rental properties was becoming more or less of a problem, 46% of investors said it was becoming a bigger problem, 8% stated it was about the same, and 46% were unsure. Testing your property for meth exposure between each tenant show you have done your due diligence. You can also show your upcoming tenants that they will be living in a “Clean Environment”. Peace of mind for both parties involved!

Home Buyers:
As the highly addictive drug meth grows in popularity, so does the chance you could end up buying a “meth house” when you go shopping for real estate. If you accidentally buy a meth house, your health isn’t the only thing at stake. You could get stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in costs for testing and hazardous materials cleanup. You can have peace of mind by asking your realtor to do a meth test with the home inspection, if they won’t, ask if you can do your own. Better be safe than sorry!

What is Included With Your Meth Test Kit? (per test)

Template: Cardboard template in which provides an area to be screened within the cutout.
Sterilized Swab: This is a sterile bud that is to be used to collect the sample when wetted in buffer solution. Use the side of the swab -not the point when collecting the sample.
Buffer Solution: A specially formulated solution used to help collect the meth sample from the surface to be screened.
Cassette: The testing device.
Protective Gloves

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